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a long rambling story that serves no purpose, ending in a completely unsatisfactory manner, usually with the phrase, "and yeah."
Example of a Tanner Story:

This one time, I was working at the theater, and this woman came up to me and asked what movie she should see. And Yeah.
by Komrad Krunch October 07, 2008
synonymous with "do me a favor." Used by idiot jocks and frat boys, as well as the nerd and hipster crowds to be ironic.
Frat boy: "Dude, could you brow me a solid and toss me a brew? Thanks Bra."

Nerd: "Hey man, can you bro me a solid?" (weird look) "What?"
by Komrad Krunch November 10, 2009
crazy Asian. Often a useful term in college towns.
"Hey look, there's a couple craisin's studying in the park!"


"Did you see those two craisin's in the nerd parody of Jizzed in My Pants?"
by Komrad Krunch November 10, 2009

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