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Alternate spelling of "textbook", often used on Battle.net, particularly in DOTA Allstars (Defense of the Ancients) Games, in conjunction with "pp" ("plug puller")
Waiting for: ikillnoobs] (lag window)
ikillnoobs] has left the game

Opposing player: Textbewk pp.
by Koby Fish April 13, 2008
Any product (like armor-all) designed for use on tires of cars and trucks to make them shiny. Why is it called "slut-shine"? Because of the TIRE-BITERS !
"I just put slut-shine on my truck tires, and now I've attracted a few tire-biters who want to be my girlfriend but would never have gone near me unless I had this schweet 4X4" (-some guy)
by Koby Fish May 31, 2004
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