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An organization filled with deluded shit heads who think freedom of religion (by which they only mean Christianity) is an absolute right that trumps all other basic human rights. They condemn anything contrary to or not in accordance with their beliefs because what they believe is more important than what anyone who has the slightest grip on reality believes. They bitch and moan at any social progress unless of course it is to their own selfish benefit (in which case I would hesitate to even call it progress). I cannot wait for the day when this organization shuts down.
Go read the movie and music reviews on the Focus on the Family website; They're hilarious.
#stupidity #idiots #bigotry #shit-for-brains #hatred
by Koalaman33 February 05, 2010
A sexual act involving two men coating their hard cocks in maple syrup and sucking each other off followed by one of the men being bent over the Stanley Cup and sodomized by a pair of antlers.
Canada's History is very difficult to do.
#gay #fuck #sex #canadas history #colbert
by Koalaman33 February 04, 2010
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