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Virginia Beach has nearly 1/2 million people residing here permanently, and most probably another 100K during the peak tourist season.

In 2010, it was rated the safest city in the US for a city of it's size (400-600K pop) by the FBI.

It is in the Bible belt, so there are churches on almost every corner, and the atmosphere here supports this. If you grew up in say New Jersey, you'd have to not use the F-bomb as much or else you'd have citizens looking at you like you were from another planet.

It is 90% suburban and 10% metropolitan with the new TownCenter offering the city a true 'downtown'. It's Oceanfront if very developed as well with tall hotels and many amenities including stages for outdoor concerts on the boardwalk, and often times, small amusement rides set up in one location or another.

It is finally catching up with Norfolk in offering cultural and art events meeting the needs of it's growing DC/NY/NJ transplant professionals.

It is also working towards having light rail, adding to the line that Norfolk is opening for service over the next 6 months.
Virginia Beach is a beach town offering an atmosphere such as Miami Beach, but on a smaller scale.
by Known for Uniting Neighbors May 30, 2011

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