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By definition NOWAYNOHOW is a slimy creature that makes an appearance daily to rehash problems with past management and bad judgement of management from years and years ago which none of the parties involved are still around they have been gone for years.One who lies and twist facts around to fit his short vindictive agenda.One who only takes bits of facts and information(99.9%) of the time to fit his short bashing agenda
NOWAYNOHOW thinks they lost yet more money by selling some miniscule amount of batteries. Guidance for next quarter will be a small fraction of $25 million, which is the quarterly amount needed to achieve the CEO's tout of a "500% increase in sales this year."

With the disappointing guidance, the market will FINALLY figure out that the T***** "order" and touts of huge increases in revenue were simply more fluffery, like we've seen from this company so many times before. And the stock price will begin the collapse to below $2, where it will STILL be very-richly valued.

K****** will attempt to limit the damage by hinting that big things are just around the corner, and then there are always those Vanadium batteries down the line.

The touts on this board will tout that it was the best conference call ever.

And finally, B*** will convert his debt to shares at a much lower price than the current one.
by Kneal before Zod July 31, 2008

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