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when you are engaged in the act of sex (doggy style) in your right hand holding a paper clip or some other sort of small metal object. you then take said small metal object and shove it in a light socet and scream at the top of your lungs "I am Thor!" sending electricity through your cock in to your loving partner. Remember to hold said metal object in your right hand or it will go across your heart and kill you.
(Going all doggy style and shiz)
Girl- "this is boring. You need to step up your game"
Guy-" okay bitch" Now stick in paper clip "I am thor!"
by Kleetis III May 28, 2009
(Can Also be used as 'Klunks')
Some sick fly Shoes. Generally for someone with gigantor(BIG) Shoes.
"King Klunkinitus! Dose are some sick Klunkers! They go beautifully with your slappies!!" Peasant

"Why thank you kind sir" King Klunkinitus
by Kleetis III May 28, 2009
A way to get some nice hot young (over 18) poon if your over 50.
Hot Chick "Your disgusting!"

Old Fart "But Im part of Hair Club For Men"

Hot Chick "ooooh. Wanna come back to my place!?"
by Kleetis III May 28, 2009
sick or fly clothing. Usually worn by the residents of Apple ghettos
"Hey man, look at my new slappies!"
"Wow bra, dos is some sick slappies!!"
by Kleetis III May 28, 2009
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