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The point at which a person with a FlipFlop addiction is forced to acknowledge that she has a problem. The FlipFlop addict will hide pairs of flip flops in various places around the house or in her car or flat-out lie about which ones are new, or how many pairs she has.
Helen hasn't reached FlipFlopRockBottom yet; she insists that having 83 pairs of flip flops is not out of the ordinary.
by Kitten Mittons April 07, 2010
This occurs when you have a friend over for a visit, but a neighbor intercepts them first, hijacking them by involving them in a long conversation, thereby delaying/postponing your visit.
Dinner grows cold as I wait for my friend, Mitch, since my neighbor, Ryan, is always hanging out in the driveway, guestjacking my friends without warning.
by Kitten Mittons April 11, 2010
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