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"The California-based Cinema Strange Project made headlines around the world when they completed a 1/20th scale model of Big Ben using toothpicks, fly legs, and fingernail clippings. The unpredictable ensemble commented, "We've played music in Europe a bunch of times, we've made films about zombies and dancing military men, and we made our last album like a story book. The Big Ben model was a logical next step."

The band is infamous in the North American gothic scene for their unique and theatrical stage shows, sometimes involving up to a dozen or more actors and performance artists. Their music, while originating humbly in 1994 as a high-tempo post-punk expression, has evolved into a bizarre and exciting species of musical storytelling, breaking new ground and taking over where bands like the Virgin Prunes left off.

After two self-released records and two albums with the German label, Trisol, they have left an unidentifiable but very real mark on the world gothic scene, and it's anyone's guess what they'll do, or where they'll be, or who they'll claim to be next."

- Retch Dempsey, February, 2003 (Press bio from the strange CS site)

Current Members include; Lucas Lanthier, aka "Zampano": Founding C.S. member. Lucas sings and composes music and words for the Project.
Michael Ribiat, aka "Lafitte": Mik plays guitar and other instruments and composes music for the Project.
Daniel Ribiat, aka "Yellow": Founding C.S. member. Daniel plays bass and other instruments and composes music for the Project.
Danny Walker, aka "Ted": Mister Walker plays drums for the Project.

Past mambers; Colin O'Donnell: Founding member, original guitarist. Colin wrote many of the early C.S. songs, including "Sadist Sagittarius" and "Golden Hand".
Alejandro Restrepo: Founding member, original drummer. Alex co-wrote much of the early material. He is presently known in the San Francisco Bay Area as Cubra Libre

Records; 1994 Self-titled 5-song demo tape
1996 Six-song cassette Acrobat Amaranth Automaton
1999 Falling... Caterwauling MP3.com Exclusive CD
2000 Cinema Strange Trisol, Germany
2002 The Astonished Eyes of Evening Trisol, Germany
2004 A Cinema Strange 10th Anniversary Novelty Product Trisol, Germany
Cinema strange is a good band, in general.
Very Creative, Great theatrics.
by Kittay Jo September 30, 2006
Scene kids are often confused with those belonging to the emo kid culture.
Which they pretty much are, except for a few key factors.
First off, A scene GIRL's clothing:
Bold Prints
Dyed hair
Long fake pearl necklaces
Choppy, often odd {dyed} hair
Alot of make up
Skinny Jeans
Big Sunglasses
Either a big canvas-bag type purse, or a small clutch with a bow on it or something
Polka Dots
Comic book heroes
Slip on vans
Big, odd rings
Shoe laces with pictures or writing on them
And a variety of other little kid like stuff.

A scene guy often attributes more to emo than the girls, the girls looking more preppy than emo.

Scene Guy's Appearance:
Bandana tied around face, hanging out of pants, and tied around thigh.
Often weirder, choppier, died hair than the girls, yet some go for a more simpler, hard core / emo do.
Tight pants
Ocaisonal make up
Tight vintage shirts
Studded belts
Converse Chucks
Vans slip ons
Various sized Gauges
Big Sunglases
Ocaisonial ripped skinny jeans
And so on.

The girls & guys tend to share appearances, and most look a little like indie rockers.

Personality wise, both boy & girl probably have pimped out myspaces, some are vegitarian, vegan, & sraightedge, most listen to anything from hardcore to electronica, most use gangsta references in their speach, most cuss, some are concieted, some are big club goers, most are bi, most live in California, some skateboard, most go to alot of shows, and they tend to hand out mainly only with eachother.
Though bashed alot for being "emo", most would probably kick your ass if you called them that, and go smoke a cigarette. They are highly advanced at html, livejournal, myspace, and the internet.
Though some are similar to emos, they're mostly rich white kids trying to be unique.
A part of a scene kid's conversation on aim:
xcuntXfacedXballerinax: Hey kidd, going to the hardxcore show tonight?
DeDXxXEm0tions: Right on, Ni99a. Oh, && I really thought your Spiderman shirt was rad, foo.
xcuntXfacedXballerinax: You know it, BIOTCH!!
by Kittay Jo September 30, 2006

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