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2 definitions by Kit and Caboodle

Reply to someone pointing out a dinky little detail that you didn't mention, but which is basically irrelevant, to demonstrate what a completely anal-retentive idiot you consider them to be. From the George W. Bush comment to Senator John Kerry in the 2004 American election debates.
You: "Of course, James Bond was played by Roger Moore, Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan."
Anal-Retentive Idiot: "You forgot George Lazenby."
You: "Yeah, well, you forgot Poland."
by Kit and Caboodle July 28, 2005
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A substitution swear word (aka Baptist cuss word).
"Fuzzbucket! I just dropped 10,000 ball bearings!"
by Kit and Caboodle July 28, 2005
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