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Basically a quick way of suddenly interrupting someone and telling them to shut the fuck up--because you don't want to hear whatever it is they are lying about, bragging about, or complaining about. Instantly makes them realize you know they are full of shit and they stop.
I got this kickass plan and in a week I can make like 150 thou---

--- SAVE IT!
by Kirk Davenport May 05, 2006
A slang term describing the act of intercourse with a male or female, whether anal or vaginal.
Man right when I was pluggin' her, that idiot just walked right in and she freaked!
by Kirk Davenport May 05, 2006
Longer version of QP, or Quick Pick (quick pickup); directed at someone who has no scruples, self respect, or common sense, and just wants to get laid.
Yeeeoooops, Davey on the Quick Pick!
by Kirk Davenport May 05, 2006
Yet another slang term for having sex with somebody, whether anal or vaginal.
Oh man it's on, I am definitely gonna plug that girl tonight!
by Kirk Davenport May 05, 2006
A little code between freinds that acknowledges that said person is trying to pick someone up quickly and casually.
Check out Dave on the QP!
by Kirk Davenport May 05, 2006
A kind of unauthorized foreplay attempted by stupid males upon annoyed females.
Dave never gives up! He's over there with that ugly girl rollin' the nip and she's fighting him off.
by Kirk Davenport May 05, 2006
Someone who is completely worthless, unskilled, uneducated, incapable, or clueless.
"You don't wanna work with that fool, he ain't got your back. He's a f----n' rock.
by Kirk Davenport May 05, 2006
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