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Eating a girl out on her period. See also Spaghetti Take-Out
Man, what a bad idea
by Kirby Riot (Big Jillie) November 24, 2004
The action of eating a woman out while she is on her period. Blood may get into her public hair, and thus look like spaghetti.
See also Bad Idea
Woman 1: Wow, you're hot, I wanna give you a Slur-Pee
Woman 2: No, not today, I'm more red than 1963 Russia.
Woman 1: Well, in that case, how about some Spaghetti Take-Out?
Woman 2: Hmm...
(1 hour and 1 messy face later)
Woman 2: My stomach hurts, I'm hungry, I want chocolate, I want to go shopping, you don't love me anymore, etc.
by Kirby Riot (Big Jillie) November 24, 2004
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