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1) a nickname given to a sweet female

2) verb meaning to dress up, make an effort, or apply make up.
eg 1) Hey doll, how you doin'?

eg 2) Man, she was doll'd up lookin' sexyyy.
#doll #baby doll #dollie #dolly #doll-face
by Kiran. . .x February 27, 2008
Young American R&B singer from Tappenhook.
Biggest hit songs include 'Run it' and 'With you'
Loved for his amazing lyrics, voice, dance moves
and killer looks.

Girl: I love Chris Brown! Talk about sexayyyy!!!
Boy: Meh, s'arite. Good songs.
#chris brown #r&b #sexy #rnb #r'n'b
by Kiran. . .x February 27, 2008
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