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The act of a man or woman sucking on another man's penis. This act is usually performed by first the man or woman kissing or licking (optional) down the man's abdoman. Next, the man or woman unbuckles the man's pants and pull them down to about above their knees. (This allows people to easier hide what they are doing if they might end up getting caught). Then, the man will pull out his penis. The other woman or man then licks the tip of the (possibly)erect penis. While gently messaging the mans balls the woman or man begins to lightly suck on the head of the penis. The act continues as the other man or woman begins to allow the penis deeper into the mouth and throat. The act usually ends when the man ejaculates into the other man or womans mouth. The recipient of the cum should ALWAYS swallow.
Sue gave jonny a long erotic blow job.
by Kinky8888888 March 17, 2007
Sexual stimulation. This act is usually done using ones hand or other products.(Dildo, vibrator, playmates, etc...). First, using her hand, will gently message her vagina, pushing down and side to side. Then, she will begin to push harder and rub faster. She will then push one or two fingers inside her pussy about an inch or two. Next, her pelvis begins to make a riding motion as she push and rubs harder and harder. Usually a girl will use fantasies to help with the pleasure but if not visual aids work just as well. Eventually the girl will arrive at the highest point of pleasure. This is the orgasm stage in which the toes tighten, the abdomen contracts, and usually the girl begins to sweat. The orgasm can continue for up to 45 min.
Once the girls gone wild commercial came on, she began to Masturbate (female) to the sound of the girls moaning.
by Kinky8888888 March 17, 2007

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