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Skinny-ass, top heavy douchebag at the gym with a gallon water jug, armband tattoo, armband iPod, under armour, and only does the bench press and bicep curls, which they cheat by swaying.

Sometimes they'll be part of some other sport, which they think gives them the right to give advice to real men bigger than they are. But more often they are just trying to pump up so they can go to the beach and impress the ladies.
1. King Rambo: Alright, that's another set of deadlifts for me before I go on to my squats. Put another hundred on the bar.


King Rambo: What the fuck?


innocent bystander: holy shit, do we have a fucking gas leak here?

King Rambo: No, some douchebag chode is curling dimes in the fucking squat rack again, and thinks breathing like that makes him hardcore.

2. Gym Log:



Vertical Suplex
130 lb douchebag chode who thinks he knows more about deadlifting than a professional strongman x1
by King Rambo July 10, 2008
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