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Biggest shithole on earth. Located in Australia people hang out at there local Maccas all night for just a slight bit of fun. Most chicks are sluts most guys are fugly.
Bill: wow look at them babes
Paul: dude there from gladstone
Bill: does that mean they got
Paul: yeast infection... Yep
Bill: ewww
by King Of The Derros June 04, 2010
Legend, Maddest cunt around, lives in a shit hole town but she is still pretty awesome, called Grinter caus eof her last name. Bit of a bogan and a really good mate
Browny: Sup
Grinter: Bitch Please
Browny: What the hell was that for
Grinter: i dunno sounds cool
by King Of The Derros June 04, 2010
Pack of idiots can be found in Gladstone area on of the biggest ones is a local high school student, Bogans are legends and everyone loves em
Bill: aww mate watch how i pick this shiela up aii
Paul: i doubt it but go on

Bill: hey darling guess what me favourite letter of the alphabet is d times 2 double D he he he

Paul: You're a fuken bogan you are
by King Of The Derros June 04, 2010
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