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1. A "grand friend". The best friend you could ever have. They make you very happy and want to do silly things, like dance a crazy dance, or sing a song about oatmeal. When extremely happy, you say the term "gran fren" in baby talk, to let your friend know how much you actually care about them.

2.When you walk the mall, and you see someone you highly admire, or think looks really funny. Showing your admiration, you shout "Oh, Gran Fren!"
1. Tina: Happy birthday, I got you this nice easy bake oven present.
Patty: Oh! You my gran frien!

2.(A tall man that looks like Paul Bunyon walks by.)
Laura: Oh! gran fren!
by Kimberly Alison July 17, 2006
1. A term as in "I love you". When someone says it first, you better be sure as hell to say it back. If not said, this may result in an ultimate bitch slapping.
2. A very loving person. One is usualy sweet, and not mean at the time. (When calling someone a "Leur", it is said like "luh", as in "liul luh"
1. Girl 1: Leur.
Girl 2: Leur.

2. You're my leur. My little leur.
by Kimberly Alison July 17, 2006
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