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The term "anti-culture" describes the group (referred to as cults) that have no culture whatsoever and therefore latch on to what is.

This creates a need to become dependant on each other, needing validation, resulting in one individual.
bob bobbington: wow! fred, you are so original.

fred freddly: yeh i know, yesterday i went to a hard core rock club for 12-17 year olds and they played green day. green day rock!!

bob bobbington: wow, you are so cool. hardly anyone listens to green day apart from me.

fred freddly: I have bought the latest album.

bob bobbington: as have i.

fred freddly: i'm bored of it now

bob bobbington: me too... oo look system of a down just brought out an album, let us cheapen the value of their real fans and become obsessed for the pure sake of it.

fred freddly: yay! this is my fave pastime.

non-cult person: you have no individuality!

fred freddly: we are so individual, your just emo!

(variation of actual discussion)
see emo anti culture
by Kim/Norma/Kelly July 07, 2005

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