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1) This is when a decimal point is created by getting some stupid emo to cut themselves and bleed on the page to create a decimal point.

2) When you punch someone straight in the forehead wearing a single circular-mount ring causing a red mark to appear on their forehead.
1) "Come here Ohmed u fuckin emo kid i need a bloody decimal to add effect to my work."

2) "That bloody decimal looked sore"
"It was"
by Kilted Kayaker November 23, 2006
To chip fork is to find out someones been making a move on your "girl", you then pay this person a visit (accompanied if necessary) beat the shit out of them. You then place chip forks down the persons pants a repeatedly kick them in the groin this should put them off trying it on with ur "girl".
The good general (GG) found out that some1 had made a move on his "girl".
Me: Wanna go and chip fork the twat.
GG: Nah he lives like 2 hours away.
Me: Well we could make a day of it.
GG: I wish i hadnt told you now.
by Kilted Kayaker November 15, 2006
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