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1 definition by Kill the Jews

1. A sad bastard/bitch that torments children for 8 hours a day

2. A fag that sits in the front of a classroom while the kiddies/adolescents go insane
God was walking on the Earth one day and came to a man who was crying. "Why are you crying?" asked God. The man replied, "I'm blind and have never seen my daughter's face".
God gave him sight. He continued walking and came upon a man weeping. "What's wrong with you?" asked God. The man replied, "I'm paralyzed and will never be able to hug my wife and children again". God granted him movement. He continued walking and met a man who was sobbing. "what's wrong with you?" God asked. The man replied, "I'm a teacher at an inner-city school". God cried with him.
by Kill the Jews May 06, 2008