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1 definition by Kill Billiam

Idiot college freshmen who wrongly believe they can major in pre-physio, engineering, or any other difficult major not suited for the average person. They think they have the mental capacity to perform surgery on someone in the future, but are unable to figure out how to reach the upper floors of a building that has FOUR sets of stairs and TWO elevators that can't be missed. They often conspicuously cheat on exams, copy their lab reports word-for-word from their friends, and expect the university to wait on them hand-and-foot like a five star hotel. In closing, they are as essential to one's nutritional needs as a muffin - they can be done without.
1. I caught a muffin cheating on the last exam I gave. He was blatantly using a note sheet.

2. This muffin asked me how to get to the fifth floor when she was standing just outside the elevator.
by Kill Billiam January 08, 2012