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A sensei of great power and wisdom and does push-ups on his pinkies. He is also great at card jitsu in club penguin. He also loves orange je-lo in the shape of MARSHAWN lynch. His best friend is a turkey named johnathon tinkle winkle. He gets all of his furniture from Dave and busters and college dorms. His hobbies consist of mario, water polo, eating orange je-lo, doing backflips, black people, punching Oreos, doing push-ups on his pinkies, and boxing action figure batman. He also lives with Waldo, Shaquille O Neal, johnathon the turkey, FLO from progressive, Jake from State Farm, and Captain Jack Sparrow.
Basketshelf is love basketshelf is life
by Kill bill April 07, 2015
By rolling two blunts together as one creates the "Wishbone" (A bone you wish you can smoke all the time). Using Game brand blunts have better results. Slang terms include, Wishboning, Pole Vaulting, and Phoning Home.
I could really go for a wishbone right about now, Yo you wanna go Pole Vaulting tonight?, Hey freddy you wanna phone home lata? Nahh i cant i have no service...
by Kill Bill November 26, 2007

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