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A weekly newspaper detailing the various examples of bullshit to come out of a certain person's mouth, written in a satircal manner. It is written in a good humoured manner, depicting the person as, amongst other things, World Squash Champion, and a Buddhist. You may think "well surely it must end at some point" well no because there is endless amounts of bullshit coming out of his mouth. Written, illustrated, and published by Halz.
Well Halz, I'm looking forward to the next edition of the Weekly Bull on Monday!
by Kill Angus October 18, 2006
A small carnival in Chelmsford, due to a student's inability in French. He could not think of the necessary word for the Carnival, and thought "Oh well schapps let's call it the Carnival of Ham" (la carnivale de jambon), and the Carnival of Ham was thus born. It takes place yearly.
Damn I can't think what to make a carnival of, oh well schapps The Carnival of Ham.
by Kill Angus October 18, 2006
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