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A minor north american pissing match that took place in the shadow of the napoleonic wars.
The bone of contention seems to be who burned down who's towns, and the fact is the Canadians and British burned down nothing. The American forces did in fact burn down York, however, when British troops marched on Washington, the American troops looted thier own capital and started most of the burning. The Brits showed up to toast bread and make tea. Meanwile, up north, the Canadians, who had successfully claimed back the city of York, got busy on perfecting Lager Beer and started goofing around with something called Hockey.
American: We've never lost a War!
Canadian: What about the war of 1812?
American: WE KICKED YOUR ASS! We burned down Toronto!
Canadian: Relax, eh? Jeez, here, have a beer. So, when can you come back and burn it down again, Eh? It kinda smells bad.
American: Hahaha! We've Never lost a War!
Vietnamise: 'scuse me, what were you saying?
by Kill All Humans August 11, 2004

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