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2 definitions by Kid Death

townies is a lower form of smackhead that can't afford drugs, as such resort to trying to intimadate people into giving them money: "where's me beef, give me all ya money" since the only thing they understand is violence the best thing to do is to smack them in the head, that is unless they out number you about 10 to 1 then you should betend to get some money out and while the're distracted kick them square in the nuts (then run). townie males can usually be identified by there clothe's, a track suit top with a hood up (blue or white) and a black scarf around there face. track suit bottom's that are also blue or white and about 20 quids worth of cheep jewelry. the townie female's can usually be reconised by the track suit tops same as males, denim skirts (short, very short)and make up slaped on with a shovel and (yet again) 20 quid of cheep jewelry.
townie talk: "where's me beef", "respect", "Fockin' greb", "Gimme all ya money", "ow.... why did ya punch me in tha head?", "wait til i get my brother to drop you"
by Kid Death March 30, 2005
he's isn't at west notts anymore, most foollish of all fools
you are a fool, ha ha ha
by Kid Death March 30, 2005