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Manipulating a set of rules, a system, an infrastructure in a manner not intended by its creators to derive (or contrive) a tangible benefit, i.e. "using an exploit" or "hacking" a system.
'When Floyd, i.e. the hipocrite, hung around these pink-o gay parties he was in effect 'gaming' all the cute sexy fag-hags into thinking he was gay. Floyd had discovered that when pretending to be gay himself the fag hags where about as easy as a Paris Hilton on E. He even claimed that, while having anal sex with them right after these parties 'he was happy they helped him discover his bisexual side'.

The chinese slave labor was organized to 'game' the demand for cheap gold in the game 'World of Warcraft' by letting them run instances 16 hours a day.

In applying for tax exempt status Khannea shamelessly 'gamed' the US tax system by pretending to be 'a virtual reality consultant since 1983, 'creatively' referring to her extensive experience with roleplaying games.
by Khannea Suntzu :P July 24, 2010

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