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A word used to describe intense arrousment, also thought to mean a large woven mat which hangs from the wall of a castle
hottie 1: ... omg look sandy its that hot motorbike guy again!....ahhhh callile

Sandy(also a hottie): wow you feeling callile? (yus!) u want me to cool you off with this water bottle, ill be happy to squirt it all over u hehehe.
by Khaleal (C.M.B) December 30, 2007
high speed ejaculation often creates projactiles that can be harmful or deadly, do not use in enclosed spaces such as back seats of cars or inside a chiller and never try to perform a high speed ejaculation without the supervision of a trained professional, accidents can lead to skin injury, torn mucles, human cumbustion and even death.
johnny: i hear ninjas can catch projactiles in thier teeth...

wise man: no you idoit! only ya mum can!!!
by Khaleal (C.M.B) December 30, 2007
Automatic oral is when the girl takes the wheel but if the guy is horny as fuck than he can take control by holding the back of the chicks head for a better result, kinda like manual gear shifting.
oh man that auto oral is soo old, can i please take the wheel babe?

manual oral has been scientifically proven to increase life expectancy by 3%
by Khaleal (C.M.B) December 28, 2007
A term used when a member of the opposite sex (or in matts case the same sex) is so beautiful that you daydream about them, dreams could be of muff diving with the person, skiing the icy pinacles of Samoa, or just plucking up enough courage to meet them.
Dirtai: Man what the hell happened to (Anonymous) she used to be so Dreamiful but now shes the thing of Nightmares!!!

Bob: Ahhhhh Sandy your soooo Dreamiful
by Khaleal (C.M.B) February 01, 2008

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