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The outer part of a wheel that supports a tire. The urban definition of rim would be the entire wheel. Obviously some people were very unknowledgable to cars and now rim means wheel, how gay.
"I bent the rim on my bike, good thing I don't have to buy an entire wheel."

"Yo DaWg, tHoSe rImS aRe hIpE!!!"
by Key Dawg July 25, 2004
A german car manufacturer, the name means "Peoples Car." Volkswagen was a great company with many successes, after replacing the air cooled with the amazing water cooled A1's (rabbit&jetta) it went down hill, and currently they are in a decline because VW is now in a world of conforming to what other companies are doing as opposed to doing their own thing no matter what everyone else did, which of course lead to their great successes in the past. from there they moved to the A2 chassis, in 1985 and the cars got heavier, then the a3s and they got even heavier
and again a4s even heavier. VW lost sight of what it once was. and now all we have is our a1s to love and cherish and think of what vw could have been.
rabbit, jetta, golf, passat, vanagon, bus, dasher, scirocco.
by Key Dawg January 21, 2005
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