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A woman's vagina is refered to a fuzzy cup while you are eating her out.

Phil) you thirsty?
Matt) no thanks i just got a drink from your mom's fuzzy cup.
by Kevin Shea August 17, 2006
first you need to find a room on the first floor that has a large window. then you procede to fuck a girl doggy-style having her face this window. then about half way through you have you friend sneak in to the room and take you place. your friend must make sure that she doesn't notice that she changed partners. then you procede outside. after you get out side just simply stand infront of the window and wave.
Liam) it was just a one night stand how do i show her that i don't want to fuck her any more.
Pete) Give her the stranger
by Kevin Shea August 17, 2006

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