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The greatest melodic death metal band ever! Listen to them, and you will not be dissapointed.
Pure is clearly Mors Principium Est's best song ever. It's off their The Unborn album.
by Kevin Rodriguez August 15, 2006
Music/bands that is/are extremely stupid/gay/annoying/etc.
Person Who Is Just Getting Into Rock Music: What are some examples of fucking buttsexual music?

Person Who Is A Rock Music Fanatic: Let's see...Green Day, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Insane Clown Posse, Mindless Self Indulgence, and Disturbed. Some good bands are Cannibal Corpse, Sevendust, (Some) Godsmack, Hate Eternal, Hatebreed, Six Feet Under, Mors Principium Est, Devildriver, DragonForce, and Anal Cunt.
by Kevin Rodriguez August 25, 2006
An absolutely, postively, undeniably, fucking shitty ass nu-metal band. These guys fucking suck more than all the prostitutes in the span of 10 blocks in the red light district. They pose as a real metal band but oh do they fucking fail miserably. Anyone who is fans of them deserved to be punched in the stomach and forced to listen to real metal like Lamb Of God or Nevermore. They are a fucking typical shitty radio band that get played like 20 times a day. Dave or whoever the fuck's name the vocalist is sucks ass. I hear better vocals from a 2 month old baby. And the guitars are really mediocre. And all you fucking hot topic goers who say, "Oh, Disturbed haters have a low fucking IQ" or some garbage like that, should go skull fuck yourselves because YOU are the ones who do not know real music. Bottom line: Shitsturbed fucking sucks.
Disturbed Fan: Oh, did you hear Disturbed's album "Ten Thousand Fists"? It's so fucking awesome, dude!

Me: *Slaps Him Very Hard In The Face* Shut the fuck up, stupid Shit Topic nu metal faggoth. Listen to some real metal like fucking Sepultura or Cannibal Corpse.
by Kevin Rodriguez August 15, 2006
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