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Behemoth something very large or of great size and strength. Behemoth is commonly associated with a very large and powerful creature.
In the book of Job Chapter 40 of the bible God refers to the Behemoth as a great creature of the land with unsurpassed strength and size.
by Kevin Monroe February 08, 2004
Referring to one of the main villains of the game Final Fantasy VII. Jenova was according to the game a being from another world. The Cetra people called her or referred to her as "The calamity from the skies". Jenova was thought to be the underlying reason why many of the cetra died. Approximately 2,000 years after that time she was found by professor Gast in a "Geological stratum". Hojo of Shinra was the person who first began experimenting with the cells of Jenova Ultimately producing Sephiroth and his clones and setting in motion the events of Final Fantasy VII.
In the game Sephiroth was told that Jenova was his mother, but in reality it was Lucrecia. Sephiroth was the first human to be injected with Jenova's cells making him vastly stronger than any normal person.
by Kevin Monroe January 29, 2004
An Extremely large and powerful machine in the game Final Fantasy X-2. Vegnagun is considered to be Bevelle's most powerful "Machina". The machine was designed 1,000 years before the events of Final Fantasy X-2. It was thought to be able to destroy Sin. Vegnagun has a mind of its own and is considered extremely dangerous which is why it was sealed beneath Bevelle. In the game Shuyin sought to control this great weapon.
Vegnagun is composed of a torso, legs, tail,wings, and head. It's entire body slighty resembles that of a moth's, only that it's head is different in shape and has horns on it and it has a long tail at the end of it's body. Once Vegnagun begins to fire it's primary weapon it's lower jaw drops and a long barrel comes forth from within it's torso, looking like the barrel of a giant gun, thus where it gets it's name, Vegnagun.
by Kevin Monroe January 29, 2004
Hot heroine from the greatest game ever made Final Fantasy VII. Tifa led the battle along with cloud and the AVALANCHE gang against Shinra and later against Sephiroth.
And yes shes got some big ol' knockers.
by Kevin Monroe January 29, 2004
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