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A fart that emerges during an orgasm, often heightening the experience for one of the partners. The only form of sexual climax that addresses all 5 senses. Usually the result of beer, Mexican food and total disrespect for women. Also known as the LawnMower in southern states.
Tommy, I had a flatul-gasm last night with Joey's filthy older sister. You could see, hear, touch, taste and smell it.
by Kevin m. Breunig February 03, 2009
A man who finds extreme pleasure in spraying his seminal fluid all over a woman's face. Usually of Italian or Puerto Rican decent, these deviants are hell bent on "teaching bitches a lesson." This seminal baste lust usually stems from being molested by a male babysitter during adolescence.
Bimbo: That fucking asshole!

Friend: What happened?

Bimbo: I wouldn't let him fuck my ass so he called me a bitch and shot his load all over my face!

Friend: Fucking Face Baster!

Bimbo: Yeah, ten minutes later he was begging for forgiveness and telling me how his older male cousin used to touch him when he was a boy.

by Kevin M. Breunig February 04, 2009
A chick who you can't stop fucking, but would never be seen in public with. A woman who owns your soul until you bust a nut on her, then you want nothing more than to leave asap.
"Dude, I got a nut crush on that Bolivian assistant manager from the Taco Time. I feel sick, it's like going bareback with Star Jones"...
by Kevin M. Breunig August 17, 2007
Vagina, Cooter, pussy ETC. The hole between a womans legs where you put your cock/ fingers/ GI joe figurines. Babies also come out of it.
"I went Top Shelf and then shoved it into her slot pocket".
by Kevin M. Breunig August 17, 2007
AKA flacid penis. Known as the shleeb when refering to ones own.
"Oh dude, I was so fucked up last night that I rubbed my shweebler raw trying to get hard enough to fuck that Columbian chick from accounting".
by Kevin M. Breunig August 17, 2007
When a chick is on her knees taking it Doggy Style, and you pull out your shleeb and shove it into her unsuspecting ass. Sneak attach anal sex.
"Dude, I was fucking that mexican farm pig for like two hours". "Her slot pocket got so loose I had to go top shelf to feel anything".
by Kevin M. Breunig August 17, 2007
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