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2 definitions by Kevin Garner

Bring Your Own Meat

Based on the common practice of referring to parties where you provide your own alcohol as BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer). Instead of beer, meat is used instead. Meat is often the most expensive item at a dinner or cookout, and having guests bring their own can cut costs for the host.
The cookout at Bill's this weekend is going to be BYOM.
by Kevin Garner May 02, 2005
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(From internet forums)

Post whore; someone who posts a message for the ultimate purpose of increasing their post count on the forum.
user8: Isn't this thread great!
user8: Had you heard this thread rules?
user8: Wouldn't you like to be part of this thread?
mod: user8, please don't be a PW.
by Kevin Garner April 16, 2004
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