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an extreme brand of shoe designed for only the most sketchy of people for emergency use only, especially in sketchy situations or when feeling sketched out.
"Pablo saw his ex-girlfriend with his best friend, so he decided to put on his sketchers."

"The surf was way over head, so I put on my sketchers just in case a killer set came in."
by Kevin "the Cavemann" August 28, 2008
Getting narred out refers to a stunt or event that was extremely gnarly and causes even the gnarliest of surfers, skaters, or snowboarders to be sketched out.
"Me and my bros were surfin it up when I saw this huge set comin outside. I got into the barrel for like 4 seconds and then got pitted and felt totally narred out."
by Kevin "the Cavemann" August 28, 2008
style + zeal = stealulous (stell-you-lus)

describes a person, usually a snowboarder, landing a kick ass trick with crazy style and tons of energy. ZEAL!

rooted from steez (style+ease)

"duuuude we've got to get your stealulous tricks on video."

by Kevin "the Cavemann" August 28, 2008
to get completely man-handled by a gnarly wave; to get pitted beyond belief; to wipeout.

is usually followed by the hang-loose symbol to gain back all lossed surfer pride and to show one's surfer brahs that he/she can still shred the nar.
"yo brah, I totally got wamped by that killer wave."

"I dropped into this gnarly wave but got wamped after realizing it was a killer close out."
by Kevin "the Cavemann" August 28, 2008
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