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A portmanteau of "threating" and "romantic" from an episode of "Fairly Odd Parents" wherein Timmy Turner's parents try to help Timmy write an effective love-email to his crush Trixie Tang by combining the usual lovey-dovey cliches with threatening that she'd better date him if she ever wants to see her parents again.
It's threatening and romantic! It's threatmantic!
by Kevin July 26, 2004
A game in which multiple strategic teams use model weapons that exceed the legal power of a paintball gun and fire on each other until the other team is all dead. Uses camouflage and model guns for realism, unlike neon and Super Soaker type guns in paintball.
Ben an I play airsoft, I shot him many times in the face until he bled.
by Kevin March 31, 2003
It is a combination of the word "fad" and "fantastic." Used in the sarcastic tense when some new fad pops up.
Do you wear eyeliner?


Are you a straight male?


How fadastic.
by kevin December 06, 2004
To insert cold semen into a victim's ear
"Yo man, you best be gettin off me before i give you the cold ear"

"Don't fall asleep tonight, or i'll give you the cold ear"
by Kevin November 14, 2004
a pig or someone who loooks like a pig or eats a lot
kevin your such a baboy.........
by kevin March 21, 2004
1. A player (someone who has allot of game)
2. Fucker
I am the ultimate shagger.
by Kevin December 23, 2003

A person who is incapable of performing even the most basic of tasks.
"Don't ask Joe for directions. He is a total shlep and will fuck it all to hell."
by kevin December 16, 2003
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