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multiple items that are geooda, geood, or good.
a slang expression for beer or alcohol.
opposite of baids.
"I've got the geoods."

"Dude, what the hell, I had a fridgeful of geoods last night, but that dick hole drank em all."
by Kev and Andy January 09, 2006
anything that is bad, baid, or in the plural form baids.
a corruption of the word bad.
non-alcoholic drinks.
Johnny got fired, lost his girlfriend, found out his best friend was gay, and got shot on Tuesday, he had a really baida day.

"Can I get you something to drink? Maybe a shirley temple from our menu of baids?"
by Kev and Andy January 09, 2006
a corruption of the word good. anything that is awesome or has positive results.
The sex last night was so geooda.

"I just found twenty bucks, geooda!!!!"
by Kev and Andy January 06, 2006

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