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A classy addition to the Dutch Oven. After being trapped, under the sheets and permeated by stench, the unwilling participant is further horrified to learn that the stench does not come from a come-and-go fart but rather a nice steaming turd.
Bob: Hey, Shirley! The show's back on.
Shirley: Damn. I hate missing a single second of Two and a Half Men.
Bob: Come over here and cuddle close.
Shirley: Sure thing. Wait what are you...mmmmmppppththhth...I can't breathe under here...wait what is that? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY EGYPTIAN COTTON!
Bob: Enjoy your Dutch Oven Brownie.
by Keric2000 June 21, 2011
A prank pullled on a friend (or enemy, whatever) when using their personal bathroom. In the mark's bathroom; find their personal floss container, take off pants and underwear, and fart directly into floss spool. Ideally, try to hold floss container in butt cheeks (with no hands) while farting.
Jake: Mmmmmmm'mmmmm. I don't know what it is about this cinnamon waxed floss but I am loving the flavor.
Keri: Oh. That's because I gave you the French Floss last night after you passed out.
by Keric2000 June 23, 2011
The act when a woman uses a man's penis as a mock telescope. The woman first puts the erection to her eye and "looks" through as she strokes the "telescope." Just before the man cums in the woman's face he quickly turns around, farts in the woman's face, and yells "Thar she blows!"
Davies: Oh I forgot to tell you, I totally pulled the Richmond Spied Her last night on your mom.

Jeremy: you did what?
by Keric2000 May 20, 2011
When a lady squats over her sleeping partner and urinates in that person's mouth. Extra points if she can do it while the person snores in order to make that person gargle pee.
Anthony: I just couldn't get out of bed this morning.
Forman Ditka: I believe it. You look like shit.
Anthony: Yeah, had to get the old lady to give me the Manassas WaterPik to get me up and going.
by Keric2000 June 21, 2011

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