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One who is overly obsessed with Star Wars and Lighsaber battles but still wants to be considered gangsta. Gangsta jedis are even more powerful than yoda
Jefferson Santos, Jerrik Neri, Delton Handley, Hairy Arms Louie, Kent(not the long haired one the sexually harrased one) are all G-Die. They make Mr. B's lightsabers from uranium.
by Kent Cuevas IV November 16, 2005
the word saggin backwards spells niggas
yves said told me to get a paper and pen then louie gave me a stickie note and then he told me to write saggin backwards first i wrote sagging but then he told me no say it like a black person its "saggin" then i wrote it down and it said "niggas" then i remembered another time when he told me the word ambulance is spelled in mirror on the ambulances so when you look in your rear view mirror in your car it says ambulance then louie was hairy
by Kent Cuevas IV November 16, 2005

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