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Mojo Dojo is a figure of speech used in reference to a man or woman experiencing something that increases their ability to attract and satisfy sexual partners.
After the break-up with Stacy I felt as though I lost my way with the ladies. Hooking up with Cindy got me back in the game. She was my sensei at the mojo dojo.
by Kenny Canstacker February 04, 2011
Geld weld refers to semen that dries on the tip of one's dick after ejaculation that later causes an erratic stream of urine. Walls, floors, shower curtains, and other unintended targets are often showered in the process. Geld is the German word for money and in this instance refers to a money shot.
In the movie 'Me, Myself, and Irene,' Jim Carrey's character gets a geld weld after a night of sex and hilariously pisses all over the bathroom.
by Kenny Canstacker January 14, 2011
A nani weld occurs when vaginal secretions cause two or more objects to stick together (e.g., fingers). Nani welds vary greatly in severity. Nani welds affecting fingers, for example, are typically very minor. However, oral sex immediately followed by a long sleep can produce extreme nani welds that will stick a person’s lips together and seal the mouth shut. This creates a potentially dangerous situation for mouth breathers. Fortunately nani welds are water soluble.
I ate Shirley’s pussy for hours last night and when I woke up this morning I couldn’t open my mouth. It was a full-on nani weld.
by Kenny Canstacker January 14, 2011
A person who constantly swerves from left to right while slowly walking on the sidewalk. This behavior often results from a preoccupation with a cell phone, gaping at skyscrapers, or a general lack of awareness.

Windy City Drifters are commonly encountered in crowded areas of Chicago and block the path of walking pedestrians. They have the greatest impact on foot traffic during rush hour but are an annoyance at all times of the day.
It took forever to walk from the train to the office today. There were windy city drifters everywhere. I felt like punchin' someone in the back of the head.
by Kenny Canstacker January 07, 2011
A reverse beard occurs when a woman with an out of bounds muff sits on a man’s (or woman’s) face reverse cowgirl style. A person is more likely to be the victim of a reverse beard during the cold winter months, or when spontaneously hooking up with a partner who has been on a sexual sabbatical.
Yo, Stacy's bush is so grown out you could braid that shit. When we sixty-nined I had the reverse beard in full effect.
by Kenny Canstacker January 07, 2011

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