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A girl who unrelentlessly offers her butt to guys when ever she has the chance. But when it's time for action, she refuses to take it in the box. Just the butt.
That butt slut banged the whole Skitz Squad.

"Wow, what a buttslut"
by Kenny Burks December 11, 2007
Web Access Group. Created in the US Navy, This restricted internet system only allows certain people on at certain times.
Yo, who's waggin tonight? I need to check my myspace.

"I need to get my wag on"
by Kenny Burks December 11, 2007
A temporary nickiname given to the idiot in the immediate area and setting. Also construes slight aggrivation.
She was my sister, Brosef!

Can also be used in conjuction when saying wassup to somebody: "Yoseph, Brosef."
by Kenny Burks December 11, 2007
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