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Getting completley intoxicated with the substance of alcohol, possibly pills, and/or marijuana. There are five catagories of whirlwinds.

Catagory 1- Getting really drunk and making a few good memories.

Catagory 2- Getting REALLY drunk and having a fight, or just laughing the whole night.

Catagory 3- Getting even more drunk and possibly having a one night stand and/or group sex.

Catagory 4- Blacked out drunk, fighting, sexing, and maybe some crying.

Catagory 5- Drinking so much that you barely remember anything. Having sex with your loved one, and then waking up naked on top of your same-sex friend the next morning. A trip to Taco-Bell usually follows after at around 10 a.m.
"Holy shit, last night I got so drunk and had crazy sex. I laughed, I cried, and I woke up nakey. It was a whirlwind."
by Kennn e December 13, 2008

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