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A phrase used whenever someone:
- Is caught in a foot in mouth situation
- Must follow an awkward sentence or conversation
- Has no reply to a quetion
Man 1: Man that goddamn cripple kid took my parking space!
Man 2: That 'goddamn cripple' is my father, jackass!
Man 1: ...Bipity Boop

Man 1: Dude, i think screwing that Jill chick at work is worth going to Jail for!
Man 2: ...Bipity Boop.

Man 1: Do you know if this ice cream is sugar free and created with organic ingredients?
Man 2: ...Bipity Boop
by Ken Hanley July 25, 2006
Fucking Amen, as in agreement with a statement. However, the speaker will not say the Amen part fully as not to blaspheme against God. Stupid teenagers will someones use it in a derogatory sense as a way of saying "fucking asshole" but teenagers are stupid as hell.
"Dude this pancake is the shit."
"Fuckin A dude."

- See also the Big Lebowski
by Ken Hanley August 23, 2006
The combination of two totally unrelated things that, when mixed together, create a retarded hell-spawned abomination of god.
a. "Dude, I've decided to mix my love for hip hop and transformers!"

"Oh god..."

"And I'm calling myself Optimus Rhyme!"

"Oh christ..."

b. "Dude, putting chocolate covered hotdogs on your pizza is a mistake. A Real Optimus Rhyme, dude."
by Ken Hanley July 25, 2006
The wierdest fvcking thing in a given universe with a worldwide appeal.
Example: "My page is the Snakes on a Plane of Myspaces."
by Ken Hanley July 25, 2006

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