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Small town about 40 miles NW of Chicago. Has a lot of things Bakersfield California SHOULD have: a nice clean lake for boating, swimming, and fishing, low crime rate, reasonable real estate prices, 1 hour access to a big city, 1-1/2 hour access to a smaller, cleaner city Milwaukee, a listing in the Guiness} book (Snowball Fight), and a reference in the movie {Ghostbusters] by the Dan Akroyd character "Camp Wauconda...".
Wauconda has NO WalMart}, {Home Depot}, Lowes}, Best Buy, within seven miles. Wauconda DOES have a Walgreens, McDonalds, Subway, Ace Hardware etc. That's enough for anyone. As you can see by other entries, Wauconda also has its share of bored and grumpy young people, but then again, what place DOESN'T?
Dude! Wauconda may not be really exciting or famous, but at least it isn't Bakersfield Newark Bagdad!
by Ken Forst July 10, 2008

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