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A dark poetic hip hop team that garners its abstract artistry from the emcee, Krypto Man, and the emcee/producer, Syndromik. Jynx Inc. is one of the more original groups in the underground hip hop scene, they have the gift of gab for artistic endeavor and creative eclecticism, while combining poetic hip hop with the horrorcore rap genre to create this unique, polyrhythmic style. They have the ability to versify morbid themes and embody strange deformities to create the symmetrical music they embrace. They have yet to be known for their music and will continue to persevere through time until they get the attention they deserve and yearn for.
Albums: Devil May Care, Black Graffiti, All Wrongz Rezerved, What Hits? (the best of Jynx Inc.), Dissfunktional Youth, Mouth Of Madness/Se7en (double album set).
by Ken Call May 05, 2006
A versatile poetic/horror emcee with an acrid tongue and a venomous flow. His lyrics possess insightful, phantasmagoric imagery that burn through beats with rhapsodic causticity. When it comes to politics, he's a lyrical insurrectionist and a dark expressionist who attacks the system with acrimonious rhymes. Syn is well-balanced in both skill and mentality, he rebels strongly against censorship, and is a firm believer in free speech.
Albums: Blood, Gore & Poetry, Mourning Sickness, The Producer's Scalpel (Syndromik's beat compilation), Mouth Of Madness.
by Ken Call May 05, 2006

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