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2 definitions by Ken Bratz

The phrase used when a person is sweeping the floor and someone steps right into the pile of sweepings said person has gathered, accidentaly or deliberately, and scatters all of it back across the floor, causing the person to have to restart.
Idiot: Hey what's up man? (walking across the floor)

Sweeper: Oh, not much just sweeping the floor because my girlfriends coming over later.

Idiot: That's kool, well just let me get out of your hair.. (stepping on sweepings, scattering them)

Sweeper: Get off my sweep you bastard!!! Great now I have to start over. Just get out!

Idiot: This is my place?

Sweeper: ...
by Ken Bratz April 15, 2011
The official term used to label anything that is swept into a pile of trash with the use of a broom.

The size of individual pieces inside the pile as a whole does not matter unless that piece is removed from the pile. In this case that piece of sweeping is no longer regarded as a sweeping but simply as trash or whatever wierd use a person could have for something that has been in a pile of sweepings.
I had the biggest pile of sweepings I'd seen in a long time swept together when I was cleaning my kitchen last night. Then my dog came in and picked out a large piece which then appeared to be half of a trashy Home Gardening Magazine. What he did with it I'll never know.
by Ken Bratz April 15, 2011