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My current study of education. What I plan to attend college for this coming spring/summer semester. To become a teacher. Film educational documentaries. Historic Preservation is my interest in life.
Kelly: In short the preservation of history we can restore humanity and hopefully break down the barriers of war to a new presence of survival:)

Guy: You baby lemme get that butt!
Kelly: Rewind history to the point where you started that sentence. Erase it. Say something with intelligent and We'll talk Sir.

Guy: Your no fun:(

Kelly: I have priority's to my family and myself to preserve what is missing in a Nation in war. Hopefully to teach that Even Rasmus in the 30's spoke of love vs. war. K rations (candy) being thrown to children in the streets by the soldiers. Even during the Six Years War there are many accounts of story's of people finding hope threw love. The preservation of humanity lay within the preservation of history and it's accounts. To become accountable people in the future:)
by KellyCollegeboundYESSS!:) January 15, 2010

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