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A sweet, carrying, funny guy, has a very cute giggle, he can make his voice sound so low and seductive which is very sexy, he is adorable, has brown eyes, he is a very loveable guy, he says the most cutest and sweetest thing any girl would want to hear come out of a guys mouth, he's amazing and he is Ryheem
Ryheem:What's wrong

Katie:my boyfriend and I got into a fight today and I don't know what to do. He hasn't texted me since we fought.

Ryheem: hey everything will be alright, he'll text you in a little. Just let him cool off you goober:p
by Kelly k June 10, 2013
A clothing company my ex-boyfriend started that, sad to say, has really really cute clothes.
He always had great ideas.
Hi Nathan! How's it going? You should call every once in a while. And hey, is FreshThreads.com yours now? I remember you said you registered the name but...it doesn't look like a site you would make.
Anywho, wirte back soon. I miss you.
Kisses, Kelly.
I have the absolute cutest shirt that Nathan handmade me. Its white with a ripped collar that hangs over my shoulder with black letering on my tits that says Fresh Threads with Nathan's smiley face in the middle. And on the other side is a personal drawing that I can't even show my mom or wear to school, but its hilarious!
Call me. Love, Kelly.
by Kelly K May 21, 2004

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