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When your most sober buddy refuses to take the group to Taco Bell at 2:00am after a night of hard drinking.
Man, I'm too drunk to drive anywhere, and John's car is in the driveway. Why won't he drive us to Taco Bell?

Yeah, we got Taco Blocked.
by Kelly, Brian April 30, 2007
This is a situation that is created when one person defecates a toilet, and chooses NOT to flush. A second and/or third person then uses the SAME toilet to perform THEIR business. The toilet remains un-flushed.

A final party, (house, condo, or apt. owner), then "stumbles" upon the creation, and usually gets VERY ANGRY.

This "stacking" of feces resembles that of flapjacks at breakfast.

Middleburg Heights is defined as the first location where a Flapjack of this sort was created.

Angry at his girlfriend, Dustin convinced his friends Brian and Chad to help him create a Middleburg Flapjack in her downstairs toilet.
by Kelly, Brian March 24, 2008
Defn: Another name for the game plan for a night. The plans for any situation.

Derived from the nickname of longtime NBA player, Gary Payton, whose nickname is the Glove, and whose initials are GP. GP = Game Plan or Gary Payton = The Glove.
roommate 1: Hey man, what's the glove for tonight?

roommate 2: Let's drink some beers, watch American Gladiators, then go to the bar.
by Kelly, Brian February 11, 2008
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