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An ingenious scam developed by book salesmen in 0BC

They wrote a book called 'The Bible' which was a #1 Best Seller across the middle east and then spread across the planet.

'The Bible' tells the story of Jesus and all his pals.

These salesmen, and Jesus, slowly gathered a large number of followers and plotted to take over the universe.
Friend: I just finished reading 'The Bible', it's awesome

You: Yeah, I hope there's a sequel

Friend: Man, I hate those 'Door-to-Door Biblemen'

You: Give them a break, Jesus told them to do it.
by Kellan Fisher June 29, 2009
What happens when a fat person if wearing a shirt that is to small for them.

Like how muffins overflow their case and flop over the side, the person's fat flops over the top of their trousers to create a muffin-like appearance.
Person 1: She bent over and the fat was drooping like a muffin!

Person 2: Eww! Muffin Waist!
by Kellan Fisher September 30, 2009
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