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There are two contexts in which this word can be used, the first being the racist context, the second being the specified context.

Racist: A racist would use this word to describe any and all persons of African decent, reguardless of social status, income or religion.

Specific: Someone using this word in the specified sense believes that there are good and bad people of every race... that there is a difference between a black person and a nigger. (Black person: hard working honest contributing citizen. Nigger: Some scum bag that is perfectly healthy, however, sits at home all day collecting my tax dollars via welfare, and uses the money that he/she gets to buy luxury items such as a ridiculous gold chain with a medalion the size of a manhole cover, or, like the "niggers" where I come from, use this welfare money to buy crack on a day to day basis, instead of getting a fucking job and making an honest living.
Not so much an example, but a personal view...

Every race has its scum... including whites.. I dont feel that someone should be labeled a racist because they use the word nigger (spic, chink, etc.) to define the scum bags in their area, as long as they dont generalize entire races.

Also, people that use the word nigger to describe these scum bags also shouldnt be considered racists for this fact also...: if i had a dime for every time i heard a bunch of "niggers" (no not black people that contribute to society) calling eachother niggers, IE: "yo my nigga"... I would be filthy fucking rich. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "NIGGA AND NIGGER"!!!!!! If those sorry ass individuals dont want to be called niggers they need to stop selling dope, stop collecting my tax dollars, and get fucking jobs... theres no reason for it... it is the niggers, spics, chinks, and white trash alike that is bringing this country down.
thank you.
by Keither August 17, 2006

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