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3 definitions by Keith Ng

To accidentally slander a large number of close associates by venting into a journalist's dictaphone.
A: "Everyone I know are emotional and smarmy butch Jewish dykes."
B: "Woah. That's such a Tamiherism."
A: "This 'UrbanDictionary.com' is off the record, right?"
by Keith Ng April 11, 2005
Print media jargon for a final draft that is ready for publication.
(Often used with an implicit article, like "head") Editor: "I need you to give copy by midnight. Or you can give head instead."
(Note that it is never "give a copy", or "get ahead".)
by Keith Ng August 24, 2004
The rapid and out-of-control increase in the face value of words used, accompanied by an equal or greater decrease in the real value of those words.
(In 1998 baseline value): "This sausage roll is a bit dry."

(In 2007 after 692% (approx) rhetorical hyperinflation): "This sausage roll - El Rodillo de la Diablo - is a desert of pastry which has sucked my moisture, my bodily essence, indeed my living soul into its dry, barren abyss. Cough."
by Keith Ng December 12, 2007